Relocation an office or apartment (complex service)

Starting with your call to the last piece of furniture, relocation leads a personal manager, which would make this process as quick and convenient. Our consultant evaluates your order for free.

Order a loader
The cost of one hour porter is 50 UAH.

Order a car:
Auto Characteristics Filing cars The cost of 1h. work Min. order Out of town
Газель volume 13,6
length 3,10 м
width 2,00 м
height 2,20 м
tonnage до 1,6 т
from 65 UAH from 70 UAH 2 hours from 3 UAH/km
Зил volume 30
length 6,00 м
width 2,35 м
height 2,25 м
tonnage до 4,5 т
from 110 UAH from 110 UAH 4 hours from 4 UAH/km
Фура volume 40
length 7,10 м
width 2,35 м
height 2,25 м
tonnage до 6,5 т
from 130 UAH from 130 UAH 5 hours from 5 UAH/km




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