Online taxi Kherson

Taxi Kherson Gives you the opportunity to save time and money by using a convenient one mobile app. Thanks to the special system, users can order cars without a mandatory call to the service. With the help of the site you can choose a specific type of taxi, comfort options, delivery speed and the opportunity to use additional services.

How to use taxi service in Kherson?

A fast taxi order can be made through an online site or a special mobile application. In order to use the services of the client it is enough to fill in a small form and choose the necessary criteria for transportation. The procedure for taxiing takes about 2 minutes and does not require a mandatory registration. To use the service it is enough to specify a name and a personal number. The procedure for ordering in Kherson consists of the following steps:

  1. Familiarity with some conditions.
  2. Choosing the type of car and options for transportation.
  3. Virtual calculation of value.
  4. Registration of a taxi service in the city.
  5. Waiting for the car.

An online online taxi order is available to all citizens without exception. Pre-select the address for the next trip. The total cost of the service is calculated based on the total distance between the points of departure and arrival, and also taking into account the use of additional options of the service package. With the help of the web or application, you can order a full range of services that are available in the main section of the company.

Advantages of an online order

Optimum taxi Kherson gives you an opportunity to order a car online. Thanks to the automated registration system for the user, the order is made within 1 minute. In this case, you do not need to call the driver or call the driver’s seat beforehand. Machines are delivered taking into account the current location of the client. This way you can increase your arrival speed and reduce travel time.

Main advantages of the service:

  1. High speed design.
  2. A wide selection of cars.
  3. Availability of additional services.
  4. Beneficial rates.
  5. Preliminary calculation of cost.

Unlike the usual way of ordering a taxi virtual provides for the possibility of cashless settlement by using bank cards or payment systems. Among the general list of services there are functions of courier delivery, salon and children’s armchair. If necessary, you can order a car with an individual nameplate. Before ordering the online service provides information about a specific car, which has a positive effect on the speed of landing customers.

Features of the service for regular customers

Online taxi service offers a wealth of promotions and bonus offers for all regular customers. Each user has the opportunity to accumulate bonuses for further exchange for a free trip or any other branded prizes. Corporate clients are provided with individual conditions for long-term cooperation.



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