Taxi Chernivtsi

For 17 years of work our transportation system and orders processing company formed a worthy rival! We have become a leader number 1 in Ukraine! After reaching this level, we do not stop in our development!

  • We formed 15 branches, with many advantages:
  • friendly staff, composed of professionals;
  • ideal system for receiving and processing applications;
  • cheap rates for taxis in Chernivtsi, and other Ukrainian cities;
  • fleet, which consists of all kinds of vehicles: foreign cars, buses, vans, trucks;
  • diversity of services.

The result of this work is important for us, which we can see every year by numbers of customers going back to our company! Reviews of our company are placed on this site.
We also work with orders that are given to companies: Taxi Chernivtsi hourly, transportation and meeting colleagues (partners from the airport \ railway station); booking transfer service allows business people and individuals to plan your schedule in advance.

Taxi service Chernovtsy

Our office is open daily. You can order a taxi by number:
(099) 615-95-95.
For Internet users, it provides online taxi service ‘Chernivtsi
Taxi Chernivtsi from our company is the right decision! After all, we adhere to the schedule and rules of transportation!
If you need a truck – go to the company website, click “Order a truck”, then your order will be executed in a short time. This service also can be ordered by phone! As you can see, each customer can choose a convenient option for himself!
Taxi Chernivtsi – a perfect assistant for legal entities and individuals!
For caring parents Taxi Babysitting service guarantees the safety and comfort of your kids! We will do our best for you and your kids and make the trip by taxi Chernivtsi pleasant experience!

A trip in a hired transport should: bring comfort, be available at a price for all, and ensure the highest quality. When ordering services in the “Taxi Optimal”, everyone can be sure that all of the points above will be clearly observed, while traveling by Taxi Chernovtsi!

To make an order you have to provide a phone number and the name of the person who will use the service to provide feedback to the customer.
Ordering transportation services indicates that the customer gives the right to the processing of his/her personal data for the purposes of better order fulfillment and improving service quality.
If you do not agree to the processing of personal data, please do not use this service.

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