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Online taxi Chernovcy

Service Optimal taxi offers residents in Chernivtsi passenger and cargo transportation on reliable, comfortable cars. Make an online taxi order and travel around the city quickly and inexpensively! We guarantee high quality of service at any time!

Convenience of online taxi ordering

We keep pace with the times and use the opportunities of the Internet and mobile communications, so that passengers can more easily interact with us. Expanding the list of services by online service, we provided residents of Chernivtsi with a number of advantages:

  • call a taxi from anywhere in the city;
  • Instant automatic processing of the application;
  • The exact cost of the trip is determined immediately;
  • there is no need to contact the dispatcher.

Our customers do not need to bother with phone calls in crowded, noisy streets – just make a few clicks and the machine will be served at the specified time and place.

The call can be issued directly during the workshop or lecture, without violating their rules. Another undisputed advantage is anonymity & ndash; None of the outsiders will know about your plans.

Convenient service for guests of the city – Taxi Chernivtsi can be ordered in advance without even knowing the phone numbers of local carriers. It is enough to make an appropriate request on the Internet.

How to order online?

To order a taxi in the city of Chernivtsi, fill out the simple form that is posted on our website. Specify the address, where and where you will go, the time of the car and its class. If you want to use additional services & ndash; also indicate this in the application.

You can call the car «business» or «economy» class, as well as class «station wagon». We provide at your disposal buses, minibuses and trucks. Each our machine is in perfect condition! At your service courier delivery, organization of collective trips, transfer.

Our company employs drivers who perfectly know the city and help to reach the desired address on the shortest route. Contact the Optimal Taxi Service and save time and money!



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