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Taxi Kharkov is cheap and comfortable, guarantees that you will service at high level, by far, it is the main and feasible task for our staff!
Many customers of taxi Kharkov company, come to us on a regular basis, because during the period 10 years of our work they have been finding quite noticeable results, and high level of training. Our company has the first place among other services!

Budget Taxi Kharkov from “Taxi Optimal”

Ordering Taxi Kharkov is inexpensive. “Taxi Optimal ” takes into account the following factors:

  • distance;
  • waiting for a client;
  • placing luggage in the cabin;
  • animal transportation;
  • hourly work;
  • air conditioning;
  • cargo transportation;
  • pre-order;
  • serving a taxi outside of Kharkov;

Taxi Kharkov is affordable fun!

Cars of different brands at your disposal in Taxi Kharkov

A long list of cars brands allows to serve individuals and corporate customers. For example, for transportation of clients, we can offer: domestic or foreign makes, the cars produced in 2007, and if you are traveling with family our minivans at your disposal (capacity for such vehicle is 5 persons). Corporate clients are interested in Kharkov taxi business class, the class “universal”, as well as freight. But for the transportation of groups of people, we use buses.
As you can see, our company has provided for all situations!
The staff of each enterprise is its face! Our staff is friendly and it is consist of professionals, responsible people!

  • What Taxi Kharkov can offer to individuals and companies;
  • As a professional company will provide you with;
  • high quality performance of transportation;
  • timely arrival at destination;
  • will please you with clearly constructed route scheme;
  • courteous drivers, consultants and managers;

we have something to offer to individuals, legal persons;
individual approach to each customer
For individuals, we offer our assistance in: moving house, traveling to an important event. Corporate customers – people who need a guarantee of the accuracy of the order implementation – we will provide it! Enterprise customers use the services of a business-class cargo transportation, wagon class service.
With the development of new technologies each company need to expand its”offer range”in order to keep up with the market requirements. “Taxi Optimal” continually analyzes demand indicators in order to maximize our services. A clear system of travel registration (if you are a legal person)is a good assistant for your accountants and economists!
We always help you at any time of the day!
Taxi Kharkov is the most popular means of transportation!
Most often on weekdays occur a situation when taxi is late. It is a big problem for people who love punctuality. To avoid such a situation book a car in our company, and you will be satisfied with the service of Taxi Kharkov!

To make an order you have to provide a phone number and the name of the person who will use the service to provide feedback to the customer.
Ordering transportation services indicates that the customer gives the right to the processing of his/her personal data for the purposes of better order fulfillment and improving service quality.
If you do not agree to the processing of personal data, please do not use this service.

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