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Taxi Lutsk has high level of service and good prices – that’s every city resident’s demand. And our taxi service can satisfy it. “Taxi Optimal ” it is a flawless execution of your orders. We are a leader in the field of passenger and corporate transportation services!

Lutsk Taxi “Taxi Optimal”

The main rules of the taxi Lutsk:

  • clarity of action (accepting applications, ensuring its execution);
  • timeliness of saerving vehicles;
  • a wide range of transport services: business taxi, a taxi to the station, “standby”, the driver of the passenger pick-up service with a sign, freight, from city to city, corporate clients (transportation of documentation and of business partners);
  • coordinated system of team work;
  • operational efficiency;
  • available rates to the public.

All kinds of services are performed, taking into account the choice of vehicles to each order individually. For example, buses – to transport more than 15 passengers, minivans transport passengers in an amount of 5 people, “business” level for business associates, your colleagues. For trips around the city, we can offer a wide choice of cars from domestic manufacturers and foreign makes.
The most favorable prices for taxi are in our company! Despite the availability of our prices, we always serve our clients at a high level!
Lutsk taxi rates by type of service
If you call to our taxi service, you will be given a complete information on the cost of services by our operator. This will help you calculate your expenses in advance.
If you ask “What determines the price of different services? . We will answer you: “Our pricing depends on the selection of the range of additional services, and also it depends on if it is a passenger or a cargo (oversized cargo)”.
For example, you order Taxi Lutsk, as an individual, then we calculate, taking into account such factors as: the presence of luggage (yes / no), business class or a wagon, distance. If you use a taxi by the hour – it will be charged extra!
But if you represent a firm and you need freight transportation. The cost depends on: the amount and size of the cargo, the number of loaders, whether the service “cargo packaging” is used or not. In addition to all that, we have a system discounts!
Online taxi service system is very convenient for active Internet users. Support Service will tale your order quickly and ensure accurateness of its implementation!
Your business partners arrived, and you need to meet them first class? Taxi Lutsk from “Taxi optimal”is perfect help in this case!
It happens that parents, want to send a child to school, providing him security. Our taxi in this case will help you again! We will drive the child to the school comfortably! We are responsible company!
You need to catch a train? Book a taxi Lutsk at our company in advance (from a couple of hours and to several days).
In our database, the number of clients increases every year, most of them are constant. Passenger transportation is an integral part of the types services list, which are very necessary in the city! This is a perfect way to be isolated for sometime from the hustle and bustle for business people!
We designed the service structure so as to make the system simple and easy for everyone! Promotional offers of Taxi Lutsk will not leave you indifferent! We serve a taxi in a short time, and our drivers are professionals who are able to ensure the safety and comfort!
Our company has considered all the situations faced by a client or company and developed a clear program of all kinds of services by Taxi Lutsk!
To make an order you have to provide a phone number and name of the person who will use the service to provide feedback to the customer service.
Order transportation services face is an indication that the customer gives the right to the processing of his personal data for the purposes of order fulfillment and improving service quality.
If you do not agree to the processing of personal data, please do not use this service.

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