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Taxis in Lvov are in a constant mode of reception of the order and implementation of your orders. After all, the city is often visited by tourists from abroad and other places in Ukraine, in order to admire the beauty of the city. Guests of the city, as well as residents of Lvov want comfortable traveling and affordable rates when ordering a taxi Lvov.

There are 2 options to book a taxi in Lvov:

  • using the online mode;
  • calling our company’s phone number 579.

“Taxi Optimal” – the best service, which has reached the highest level! A wide range of orders includes: taxi around the city and region. People contact us as companies seeking a reliable solution of the problems related to the transportation of cargo or groups of colleagues.
The list of services provided by us, is expanding taking into account every change at the transportation services market.

Types of services provided by «Taxi Optimal”

We will please every customer by:

  • the quality order’s reception;
  • online counseling, (helping to recalculate the cost of the trip);
  • fast response;

a variety of services: a taxi by the hour, freight transportation, business taxi, a taxi station wagon class, passenger pick-up service with a sign, a taxi to the train station (from the station), booking transfer, the implementation of the transportation of goods while moving, garbage collection, serving weddings and other events.
For all of these types of orders will be given a certain type of vehicle and our friendly staff will make your trip unforgettably comfortable. The fleet kept includes: minivans, a large number of different cars, buses, domestic brands.
The cost of Taxi Lvov takes into account many different factors, which will be explained to you by our consultants and call center staff.

Taxi service phone numbers in Lvov.

to make an order for transportation services call these numbers:
(032) 242-8-242
(067) 399-4-242
(095) 815-4-242
(063) 195-4-242

All of the numbers are available throughout the day!
To ensure the accuracy of the order “taxi to airport ” (railway stations)you need to state your name, phone number (in case there is need to clarify something), flight or train number, the time and place of arrival. Our company’s services it is a reliable protection from many problems like delays, poor performance of the order etc). We will not disappoint you! Our prices are always stable!
We always hear and fulfill your requests; we will transport you and your belongings safely; we’ll make a clear plan of action! Use our company’s website and make orders online, it’s also very convenient! Technical Support Service works round the clock!
In case of waiting for you because a flight delay, it will be free of charge; but by the reasons unrelated to the system of flights at the airport or train station – t”standby” will be charged additionally! The technical condition of the fleet is always at the highest level! We always check and monitor the working condition of our cars!
The company “Taxi Optimal” has the highest quality of service! We are worthy rival firm having stable rates system! Our customers base is expanding each year; it is the best complement for us.
“Taxi Optimal” is a reliable taxi service in Lvov!

To make an order you have to provide a phone number and the name of the person who will use the service to provide feedback to the customer.
Ordering transportation services indicates that the customer gives the right to the processing of his/her personal data for the purposes of better order fulfillment and improving service quality.
If you do not agree to the processing of personal data, please do not use this service.

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