Online ordering taxi Odessa

An optimal taxi offers an online taxi service in Odesa at a bargain price.

taxi – Great way to travel in the metropolis. Quickly and safely to get to the train station, to the hospital, to the party or home from the corporate can only be on it.
But often the pleasure of the use of private carriers fades in the process of calling the car. Communication problems, long waiting answers, busy dispatchers, and the inability to pre-learn tariffs are far from complete list of unpleasant complications.
That is why everyone who wishes is given a chance to make an online taxi booking in Odessa. To do this, it’s enough from a computer or phone to fill out a clear form on the site, indicating departure points, arrival of the passenger, short contact information. At the same time, the cost of the trip is calculated.

Order a taxi in a few clicks

Received applications are fixed and processed automatically, which eliminates the probability of an error.

A simple online taxi order allows:

  1. Plan your personal budget, knowing in advance the amount of payment;
  2. Save time and money for a call;
  3. To quickly find comfortable transport in any part of Odessa, using a smartphone, running a mobile application service for Apple і Android;
  4. Get a guarantee of timely delivery of the car for a certain date and time;
  5. To use additional services.

Advantages of online order service

Online taxi booking in Odessa is a unique opportunity to book a free car on holidays, weekends. No less useful for the guests of the city, poorly oriented on the ground: the transport will wait for the client in a strictly defined place, for example, at the airport. The driver will meet the traveler with a sign.
If a person is hesitant about defining his own location, he can click on the “Current State of GPS” button, which significantly accelerates and simplifies the procedure for making an online taxi order.
And with the formation of the “My Addresses” list, the need to re-enter data in case of frequent call of the car in the same areas will disappear.
To authorize the system you need to enter a mobile number – long complex registration is not required.

Customers are available:

  1. Selection of a car class;
  2. The choice of a non-smoking taxi driver;
  3. Installation of a baby armchair;
  4. Animal transportation;
  5. freight;
  6. Courier service.

At the same time, the amount of the fee for additional services is added to the cost of the move. Its calculation is reasonable and transparent.

All for the benefit of taxi customers

“Optimal Taxi” seeks to satisfy as much as possible the needs of passengers: upon request, the customer has the right to call a car in which it is allowed to smoke; With or without air conditioning.
Taxi car fleet Consists of comfortable cars, serviceable and regular technical inspection. Drivers are polite, sociable and have considerable experience, know the city well and easily select the shortest route.
With us it’s easy to remain punctual and carefree!


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