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Taxi Rovno is often ordered by the guests of the city and its residents. It is a beautiful and charming city that has much to offer for tourists. For example, visiting architectural landmarks, historical and cultural monuments. Residents want to choose a convenient option for their traveling. That option is the “Taxi Optimal!”
This company has something to offer to all customers, from the service of the city residents in matters of transportation, to the providing services to corporate customers. Taxis in Rovno, are available at cheap rates. We have developed a pricing system that will be of great help to your budget. The stability of the prices for our services is guaranteed!

Taxis in Rovno from “Taxi Optimal”

Taxi Rovno is often ordered for:

  • transportation of goods (ranging from large-size to oversized);
  • transportation of clients to various events;
  • VIP customers – business taxi services;
  • to resolve issues associated with the moving of house by taxi;
  • to travel to the station (this service has an additional range of services: meeting passenger from the train with a sign, luggage transfer, waiting).

As you can see, we can provide assistance in a variety of situations. Customers are willing to get a taxi at right time frame and comfortable reach the desired point in the city. These and other wishes – we accepted them as our rules. We get positive feedback from customers who are really satisfied with the quality of our service!

Prices for by types of services:

“Taxi Rovno is cheap” – this is one of the main comments from our customers. Our prices are at the available level for each passenger.
For individuals these rates, for businesses we have other rates!
For private individuals there are main points affecting the price of your order such as luggage, a taxi by the hour, the distance of the trip. Our driving staff are professionals who care about not only condition of their cars, but also about the level of your order implementation. Call center will give you expert information while ordering Taxi Rovno!
Keeping travel registry in Taxi Rovno will help you as a corporate customer, to make the travel expenses analysis!

Enterprises of the city usually need these services:

  • transportation of documents;
  • transportation of office equipment;
  • colleagues transportation or partners who are coming from abroad;
  • Auto-babysitter service is a convenient and comfortable option to send your child eg, to grandparents, in the case when you are immersed in work or busy with other matters;

business taxi will perfectly help you with meeting your partners in the best way!

Our phone number for receiving orders Taxi Rovno – 050-541-56-96.

To view the details of our company, you can go to the clients section. We work seven days a week.
If you want to travel by taxi to the train station at night, please contact our taxi service. Online support will process your application within exact timeframe. This order should be made in advance (a few days before or for an hour or two before the departure)! In order to make finding you at the train station easier, you should give our call center dispatcher the following information: the platform number, train number, your name and your phone number. Getting off the train, you will see our driver with a sign A 4 format, with your name on it. Without unnecessary waiting after the journey you will be immersed in a comfortable atmosphere and while traveling in a taxi you will be able to relax!
For complex services our fleet includes: trucks, ZIL, Gazelle. The cost of serving: Wagons – 65 hryvnia, ZIL 110 hryvnia, and the Gazelle – from 130 hryvnia.
We work without delays! We are a team of people working for a positive result. Ordering our services – you will guarantee yourself a reliable traveling by Taxi Rovno.

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