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Taxi Vinnitsa

To find out the cost of the taxi fare, you need to specify the address where the taxi has to be delivered the address where you need to go.


Taxi Vinnitsa – the best taxi service in the city of Vinnitsa. Superior service and maintenance place Optimal taxi cabs among other similar services. Service company provides taxi anywhere around the city, also it is possible book long distance travel to other cities of Ukraine. For passenger transportation such taxi classes are used (business, touring, economy). Taxis for corporate customers we have minibuses, buses. For cargo transportation: gazelle, ZIL or trucks with different tonnage.

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Taxi Optimal delivers on time and with a guarantee service quality. You can order a car via the form on the website or call 579 for callback. Taxi Optimal company has 19 branches around Ukraine and abroad. It is also possible to order from our freight fleet at low prices for all freight. We are considered “Taxi №1» in Ukraine. At the same time our passenger transportation and cargo services are inexpensive. Taxi Vinnitsa prices are the most stable in Ukraine . We work quickly and reliably.

To make an order you have to provide a phone number and the name of the person who will use the service to provide feedback to the customer.
Ordering transportation services indicates that the customer gives the right to the processing of his/her personal data for the purposes of better order fulfillment and improving service quality.
If you do not agree to the processing of personal data, please do not use this service.

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